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"the 3rd revolution in life insurance, following Afer 40 years ago and Unit-linked contracts 20 years ago. [...] With PolySeme, we’re setting off on 20 years of innovation."

- A former Top Executive at FFA -

Objectifs PolySème

First Saving & Protection Coach,

PolySeme reinvents the approach to life insurance

PolySème inCube
By placing the client’s life projects at the heart of the approach, PolySeme  re-align the interests of all involved parties, Clients, Company and Advisors :

For the Client, PolySeme offers:


  • A simple, intuitive, emotional experience

  • A savings product that means something to people again, centred on the reality of their projects, and the ability to achieve them

  • Through contract management cockpit  that’s a veritable personal coach

  • Giving him back autonomy and the possibility of asking his Advisor for help whenever he wants


For the client, a simple, intuitive and fun interface for steering his savings through his life Projects, in an autonomous way
PolySème inCube

For the insurer, An intelligent solution that improves their competitive position and the performance of their distribution channels, and facilitates transfer of Euro funds to UAs
  • For Insurers and Advisors, PolySeme provides an answer to the well-identified challenges of profitability:

  • The marketing of Unit-links and Life Insurance… The massive stock migration of funds in euros to the Units Linked

  • Distribution and advisors network performance

    • The marketing of Unit-linked Life Insurance by networks that have little or no expertise

    • Autonomy of the Client when the Advisor decides, the Advisor only intervenes when it creates value.

    • Capturing referrals through the mechanism of guests invited to access the contract.

  • Facilitation of implementing regulatory directives:

    • Mastering the duty to advise over time, notably through constant monitoring of the appropriate balance between Asset Allocation and risk profile

    • An interface that supports the pathway for the advisor as much as the client

  • Enrichment of the Client Relationship and client value:

    • The insurer creates contact opportunities with its Client, installing a Client relationship that is rich over time

    • By multiplying the contact occasions between the client and his contract, PolySeme enables collecting a mine of information about the client and his environment, to generate numerous sales opportunities and bringing Life Insurance into the age of Big and Smart Data

For the Advisor, A tool for creating a relationship of unequalled closeness with his Clients over the duration of the contract, and for generating new sales opportunities while respecting his duty to advise

PolySeme, a unique pivotal block 


PolySeme is a unique solution which handles the pathway and digital interface for both client and advisor, which can work with existing Asset Allocation and account aggregation tools and send management movements to the Insurers’ back offices via channels and formats that already exist.


Neither an Aggregator nor Robo-Advisor, PolySeme was designed using the client pathway as its starting point. The solution integrates and implements all devices offered by fintechs (such as Aggregators or Robo-Advisors) to build a unique Client offering.

PolySeme opens a new paradigm for the savings business model: the path to the augmented client relationship, that gives back meaning to saving and autonomy to Clients, and reinforces the performance of Advisors.

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