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PolySeme by inCube gives back meaning to savings

PolySeme is a digital platform enabling clients to steer their  saving contracts based on their life projects. It is not about managing long lists of unit links anymore; it is focused on key moments of the customer’s lifecycle.


Thanks to a simple intuitive interface, the client is able to define and steer his projects.

PolySeme dynamically determines optimal fund allocation, sending management orders directly to the backoffice. The client receives alerts about progress of his projects, he at last appreciates the sense and goal of his savings, and masters them.

The Financial Services industry (banking and insurance) returns to the role and value proposition it  should never have left: serving their clients’ projects and being their lifetime partner.
inCube is Jury and Partner of Argus Award for Insurance Innovation 2018


Gives meaning back to savings

PolySème inCube

Our approach is simple:

Client's life projects are set at the heart of his savings plan thanks to PolySeme and set the ground for a long lasting and efficient relationship with his Advisor.


Here our 5 convictions:


Give the floor to the Customer in the expression of his needs and objectives when defining his Projects, in a simple, intuitive and immediate way.


Offer maximum autonomy to the Client in the day-to-day management of his Projects to reinforce and enhance the Adviser's action in key moments.


Accompany the Client and his Advisor in the easy and regular piloting of Projects by generating alerts when the situation requires - or offers - new directions. Asset allocation is dynamically determined on each Project to adjust to new objectives.


Make PolySeme services available to customers who already have a life insurance policy without any tax novation.


Allow the Client to invite Parents to contribute to the financing of some of his Project, in an innovative intergenerational way.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish”.
Un but sans plan est juste un souhait

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry -


Let's pilot your Projects

All your projects are in a unique life insurance policy

PolySeme supports you in the discovery of your projects:


what capital will be needed for this project?

What horizon?

How flexible are you on these goals?

On each Project, what level of risk do you accept to take to reach capital sooner or get more capital?

What level of savings can you mobilize on a regular basis to achieve your goals on these Projects?



These are all questions that we integrate to offer you a clear and realistic vision of the objectives as well as a roadmap and a dynamic asset allocation service to achieve them.



Then, let us guide you in all peace of mind, we will inform you when it is necessary to allow you, with the support of your Advisor, to stay the course and to control the landing of your Projects to the nearest of your expectations.


You can create a new project at any time, transfer savings from one project to another, update your objectives and of course use the capital to carry out your projects.



In PolySeme, nothing is fixed because we know that the Projects that really matter to you are Live Projects.

“[InCube...] lthe most disruptive Fintech” 

Gold Award for life insurance innovation - Jury 2016

Argus d'Or de l'Assurance de Personnes

Label du Pôle Finance Innovation   2015

Argus d’Or de l’Innovation   2016

Nominé Top 3 Innovation Argus de l’Assurance,   mars 2017

PepiteTech-FrenchTech, Top#1 of the week,   Février 2017

Trophée de l’Assurance Innovation Start up   2018

Nominée Top 10 Fintech Race to the Top Award Efma Capgemini 2019


inCube ...

January 2012

création of a PolySeme work group at Integraales Agora

Who we are ...

A close-knit team of experienced and complementary individual


January 2013

Polyseme concept deposit at INPI

June 2013

creation of Innovative Insurance Insights / inCube

January 2015

Pôle Finance Innovation Certification

March 2015

April Group become inCube Shareholder

April 2016

Gold Award for Life Insurance Innovation - Argus d'Or

July 2017

PolySeme launch of release #1V.1.0

First Partnerships signed

October 2018

inCube awarded Trophée de l'Assurance - Start Up

Philippe Lepeuple
CEO & Founder
Valérie Dray
Head of Strategy
& Development
Frédéric Paraiso
Central Director
Bruno Sanson
Associate Director
Jérôme Lucereau
Associate Director
All experienced individuals in the field of insurance and financial services who know each other and have worked together for over 20 years. This team brings together a complementary body of know-how: Insurance of persons, IT, Back Office, Algorithmic, Finance, Distribution, Marketing, UX, Agile project management, and Transformation.

Since March 2015, April Group entered the capital of inCube alongside founders and Integraales Agora to support the project development. 

inCube have choosen Ekino in June 2015 as digital development expert to support our team.

Contact / tél: +33 1 822 855 37

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Qui sommes nous

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